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Hawthorne champions Caribbean cuisine

By John William Templeton BLACKRESTAURANT.NET

NEW YORK CITY --A day with Lowell Hawthorne began just blocks from the crowded apartment in South Bronx where he and his family started and ended with a book signing in the consulate of his native Jamaica.

Now Hawthorne owns an entire block devoted to manufacturing Golden Crust Caribbean Bakery products for its 100 franchise stores and grocery customers.

Like Sylvia Woods in Harlem, Hawthorne overlooked modest means and focuses solely on his goal of making Jamaican food a household staple  nationally by 2020.

In the process, Hawthorne is making many other entrepreneurs successful with a well-oiled franchise network extending along the Eastern Seaboard in nine states.

   His book The Bakers Son describes the pivotal moment when his first bakery had a supply interruption from his source in the islands.   He decided to begin making his own signature patties and hasn't looked back since.

The chain opened four new locations in Florida during November.  Patties and sauces are now available at Pathmark stores and in Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Keep pace with the rapid growth of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery at their website